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Current Article:
2006/01/09 Poland's New Gov't Recalls 10 Ambassadors
(AP) Poland's new conservative government will recall 10 ambassadors with links to communist-era authorities, the first such sweeping move in 16 years of democracy, the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday. Foreign Minister Stefan Meller decided to cut short the ambassadors' missions amid a broader attempt by the new government to purge state offices of ex-communists, ministry spokesman Pawel Dobrowolski told The Associated Press.

Recent Articles:
2006/01/02 Poland set for Baltic air patrols
Poland has become the first former Warsaw Pact country to take responsibility for patrolling the air space of the three Baltic states. Polish pilots took over the rotating Nato mission from the US at a ceremony in northern Lithuania. Seventy Polish air force personnel will serve there.

2005/12/26 Poland's new president is sworn in
WARSAW Lech Kaczynski was sworn in as Poland's new president Friday, crowning the rise of new conservative leaders who pledge to fight corruption, talk tough to Russia and distance the country from its communist past. In his first remarks after taking the oath of office, Kaczynski said Poland would keep its strong relationship with the United States and pledged to make troubled ties with Russia \"an important issue\" for his presidency.

2005/12/19 Poland to examine claims of secret CIA jails
The Polish government is launching an inquiry into whether the country hosted Central Intelligence Agency prisons on its territory, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, the prime minister, announced on Monday. The charge by US-based Human Rights Watch that the US intelligence agency kept prisoners accused of terrorism in Poland has been consistently rejected by Aleksander Kwasniewski, the Polish president.

2005/12/12 Poland was main CIA European detention base: paper
WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland was the heart of the CIA's secret detention network in Europe until recently, an analyst of the U.S.-based Human Rights Watch organization was quoted as telling a Polish newspaper. \"Poland was the main base for CIA interrogations in Europe, while Romania played more of a role in the transfer of detained prisoners,\" analyst Marc Garlasco was quoted on Friday by Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza as saying in an interview.

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