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 Providing essential services for Polish and Eastern European communities of Atlantic City, NJ.
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Polish Radio and TV
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Package Shipping
We offer a variety of package shipment options including method of shipment, packaging, destinations and method of delivery. Additionally we provide shipping of pre-packaged food parcels, fruit baskets and flowers.

Shipping Price List
Insurance Information
  • Sea and Air parcels to Poland
  • Sea parcels to Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moscow and 12 other regions of European Russia, 26 regions of Asian Russia
  • Air parcels to Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • Volume and commercial shipments
  • Relocations
  • Non-standard size parcels
  • Prepackaged (standard) food parcels
  • Fruit baskets
  • Flowers

How to prepare a parcel?
Pack things you want to ship into a strong cardboard box. Ensure that all pieces are packed tightly. If necessary, fill gaps with paper or other material. Seal the box with a packaging tape. Write sender's (in the top left corner) and recipient's (in the center) addresses on the box.
The Press of Atlantic City   Atlantic City
Polish Service Store
Wide variety of popular European products, send packages and money, get airline tickets, phone cards and more. More details...
Tax and Legal Services
How to file your income tax.
It's simple to prepare tax return by yourself.
Legal and immigration services.
Tax help and advice.
Web Site Design
Give your business a competitive edge with a professionally designed web site or management system.
Roesch Farm Corn Maze
Our corn maze is not just a walk in the stalks, it's adventure!
Get Lost
in our corn maze this weekend!

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